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Birthing Conversations

How I WorkBirthing Conversations are special online sessions designed for those who prefer a one-on-one learning style for prenatal and postnatal education. A one-on-one learning environment helps you to relax, knowing that your concerns will be heard and the conversation is confidential. Many women who are pregnant express ambivalence at the thought of discussing birthing. On one hand, labour and birthing is an exciting time, and yet, talking about it often raises issues of concern for the expectant mother. What concerns, if any, have been surfacing for you?

Birthing Conversations are psycho-educational sessions that focus on many aspects of the birthing experience and offer encouragement and emotional support.

Participants have commented on their Birthing Conversations experience:

"It is inspiring to see how much goodness and willingness to help you have. We cherish you and admire you for getting us ready for our biggest moment."
- I.P. and I.G.

" You taught me how to be a mother."
- V.T.
The following Birthing Conversations packages may be of interest to you:

Mother-to-be Education Package:
The mother-to-be is asked to select from a number of topics for learning and discussion. Examples of topics include: The Birthing Experience, Comfort Measures during Labour, The Stages of Labour, and Common Concerns.

The Mother-to be Education Package is two one hour sessions at $170.00 CAD.
Labour Companion Education Session:
A labour companion is someone who the mother-to-be chooses to be with her during her labour and delivery. If you have been chosen as a labour companion, you may want to book a Birthing Conversation of your own to familiarize yourself with the birthing process.

The Labour Companion Education Session is a single session of one hour at $85.00 CAD.
New Mother Support Package:
A little extra emotional support and encouragement is especially important for the new mother after her baby is born. Six weekly sessions of 40 minutes each can be a welcome addition to her life during this special time. A new mother can work on building confidence in her new role of caring for her little one while increasing her self-esteem.

The New Mother Support Package is six 40 minute sessions at $360.00 CAD.

Another Option: I offer recurring weekly sessions as ongoing support for the duration of your pregnancy and for a few weeks after your baby is born, until you are feeling confident in your new role as a mother.

If you have a question regarding the packages outlined above, feel free to email me. Go to Consult with Judith, then click on the "Send Me an Email " tab.

To proceed with your selection and payment of Birthing Conversations options, go to Consult with Judith, then click on the "PayPal" tab.